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Your Source for High-Quality Herbal Supplements

At Zyvran, we're focused on sourcing herbs that have been proven to be effective and safe for centuries. Our team finds areas where the need for high-quality herbal products is greatest and partners with industry leaders to perform extensive research and bring innovative products to consumers.

Our Process

In reality, only a few high-quality herbal products exist. The majority of available supplements are of low quality, questionable content, adulterated with prescription drugs, and contaminated with heavy metals. You won't find any of these troublesome problems with Zyvran products. We apply our unique approach to producing herbal supplements in two different ways:

Standardized Concentrates - Herbs in their natural state can be standardized for medical applications, so you and your physician know the exact amount of the active ingredients in every pill, every time. We achieve this by combining the concentration of the marker compound and antioxidant activity. After sourcing our plant products, we aim to concentrate, fractionate, and purify them, yielding a single chemical substance, which produces the desired effect.


Synthetic Molecules - A second way that we work with herbal supplements is by obtaining the active ingredient of the plant and chemically synthesize the molecules. At Zyvran, we aim to manufacture products that are efficacious, safe, and have minimal side effects. Our current pipeline of supplements include:

  • SLCL 19 for Erectile Dysfunction
  • AZY4602 for Alzheimer's Disease